Valiant Coatings & Contracting knows no two projects are the same which means no two clients are the same. Over our years of successful business we have invested a significant amount of time and energy into understanding our clients needs and creating a solution to efficiently serve those needs.

When making the decision to hire a concrete floor coating or concrete polishing contractor it’s crucial to understand who you will be dealing with and how they plan to successfully execute your project within the budget and timeframe agreed upon.


Valiant Coatings & Contracting has served thousands of homeowners throughout the rocky mountain region. During our time in business we have learned the importance of communication and punctuality for this specific type of customer. We know your home is more than just a house and educate each one of our team members on the importance of treating every home like “Mom’s home”.

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Facility Professionals and Property Managers

Valiant Coatings & Contracting has worked in hundreds of facilities throughout the country. Industrial plants, commercial spaces and retail locations all have a unique set of challenges that must be understood and addressed by your chosen concrete coating or concrete polishing contractor. Each one of our team members is trained and held accountable for working in our customers facilities efficiently, quietly, clean and safe.

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Valiant Coatings & Contracting has served thousands of general contractors in their resinous flooring and concrete polishing needs. During our time in business we have learned there is nothing more important than being an expert in our field and following through with the schedule and quality of work you need. Our team reviews each project in detail to ensure we’re providing the best solution on time an on budget.

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Other Trades

Valiant Coatings & Contracting views each one of our trade relationship as one of our greatest partners. Each project has unique challenges that sometimes require another area of expertise. Our commitment as a company is to partner with other trades in an effort to effectively serve each others clients and pass business throughout our network.

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Valiant Coatings & Contracting has learned during our time in business that our suppliers are truly a partner for our business. By respecting and maintaining the relationship between contractor and supplier, a truly valuable relationship is born.

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