Valiant Contractors has seen first hand the effects of moisture on a property when left unprotected. Lack of maintenance or lack of waterproofing all together can lead to costly, extensive repairs down the road.

Our team can help protect your Residential, HOA, Multi-Family and Commercial property with a properly planned and installed waterproofing system. In addition, proper maintenance and inspection is a crucial part of maximizing the investment of your waterproofing system.

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Waterproofing Solutions

•  Parking Garages
•  Decks and Balconies
•  Walkways
•  Breezeways
•  Common Areas
•  Urethane Deck Coatings
•  Joint Caulking and Sealing
•  Crack Chasing
•  Expansion Joints
•  Negative Side Barriers
•  Moisture Mitigation