In our last blog on garage floor coverings, we discussed how epoxy has a distinct advantage over cement in the areas of durability and versatility. We continue our list here.

  • Protects from moisture. Another thing that can slowly break down the integrity of the cement is moisture. Epoxy floors seal out water and so prevent water damage.
  • Aesthetics. Not only is an epoxy floor easy on the eyes, it will keep your garage looking professional for your employees and customers. Working in a professional atmosphere gives people the feeling their work matters, and the space matters and so encourages professionalism and tidiness. If you are are installing it in a private garage you’ll have a space worthy of working on your projects and you’ll feel great spending time in it as your
  • work or hobby space.
  • Light. There are high gloss options the reflections of which can increase the overall effect of any light in the space.Easy to clean. Because it is non-porous, epoxy flooring can be cleaned with ease. Just a rag or mop with soapy water usually does the trick.
  • Even. Because of the way it is installed epoxy floors even themselves out and give a smooth even surface.
  • Easy preparation. If you are considering having an epoxy floor installed you might be asking what you need to do to get the floor prepared for the installation. All that is required for the installation is that the floor is clean and dry. A good sweep and map should do the trick.To summarize, epoxy garage floor coverings are a great choice to renovate an old garage or workshop space. They are beautiful, durable and versatile. If you want more information call and talk to one of our experts.