We are going to talk about different options of garage flooring ideas. This blog will concentrate on the basics of Quartz Broadcast Floors. This floor offers a beautiful, seamless, slip-resistant finish to go with a beautiful appearance.Quartz Flooring offers a hard, slip resistance surface what makes it perfect for garages and workshops, bathrooms and kitchen. Our floors are a double layer of Quartz aggregate and double coated with industrial strength coating of resin. Because quartz is a natural product made of quartz rock fragments, it comes in a number of gorgeous colors, from sandy beige to red to blue, really any color you want. Another advantage that the Quartz Broadcast floor has is that it has a fast return to service time.In most cases, 48 hours of curing is sufficient and while it can take some traffic after 12 hours it’s a good idea to let the curing finish before allowing any type of chemical to touch the floor. It is important to fix any cracks as well so that harsh chemicals can’t reach lower levels.  The top coast of the Quartz Broadcast floor can make a big difference if you want the colors to shine through, choose as satin finish, grout coats, and other top coats will reduce the texture and give gloss. The variety of colors offered gives you any number of ways to go with decorative combinations. This type of floor is also easily maintained with a regular broom and mop and waxed, but any wax coating must be removed if a new layer of epoxy is required.