At Valiant Coatings and Contracting, we love it when our customers express an interest in investing in improving their garage. We feel that the garage is sometimes the most ignored and misused part of the home, and anytime we put in a new garage floor coating for one of our customers we are happy to know that their garage will be a productive and organized part of their home. So today we thought that we would provide a few tips for having an organized  and productive garage.

1. Clear the space

If you are coming off a fresh garage floor coating from us, then this step is likely already done. But, for those of you who haven’t gotten a new coating, place your items that were in the garage somewhere else where they will be kept clean. It is also wise that when you are clearing out your space that you go ahead and sort items while you pack, so that you do not need to sort them once your space is clean. Lastly, purge the items that you do not use at all or at least annually, those items are probably the main culprit for your clutter.

2. Diagram your space

We suggest that you draw out how you plan to use your space in the garage, keeping in mind the car you intend to put in there, or if you are going for the full workshop, the heavy equipment you plan on inserting in your work space.

3. Storage

Now that you have planned your space, purchase the supplies you need, whether that is bike hooks or cabinets and install them to the best of your ability. Once you do that, put everything away in your new garage in their proper place and enjoy the work you put in!