Hello World (or at least Colorado),

This is the Valiant Coatings And Contracting Blog. Check this blog out as a place to get interesting and helpful information about our warehouse and garage floor coatings in Colorado. We will post garage flooring ideas and interesting options. We will certainly state our case and give you the important reasons to coat your warehouse or garage floor. Additionally, we will create some buzz by having guest bloggers that can give you the real scoop on garage flooring. So don’t be surprised if your own garage floor speaks out and lets you know what is going on in your garage when you aren’t looking. So, be sure to check in often and read up on the latest in floor paint and finishes. To kick things off, we are going to turn it over to one of our recent clients. There’s no better reflection on our business that what our customers have to say about us.


“The finished product is amazing and we could not be happier. Valiant gave us guidance on what system to use, and worked with us every single step of the way. We were 6 different board members with 6 different opinions, and Valiant was patient through all the indecisions. Leo and the crew worked each day with great care, and were a pleasure to have on our property. I would recommend Valiant for any job, big or small. They were great to deal with, very fair on price, and beyond accommodating.”

–Kate M. Board President

We are looking forward to serving you at Valiant Coatings And Contracting. Contact us to let us know how we can help you.