1. Interior Projects

    Valiant Coatings and Contracting is well know for installing garage floor systems. It’s true, we are in love with epoxy garage floors. We know they are durable and protect the floor from damage from chemicals, spalling, and stains. Plus, we think they look amazing, and keep your floor looking new for years. We are also known for our interior painting work, and we are going to talk a bit about th…Read More

  2. Exterior Projects

    Valiant Floor Coverings is a Top Rated Local® painting company located in Denver. We are a full-service painting company. While many painting companies claim that, for us it’s really true. If it can be painted, we can paint it for you. One service we provide is exterior care for your home. It’s important to keep up the exterior of your home, both for the sake of peace in the neighborhood, but…Read More

  3. Concrete Staining

      Valiant Floor Coverings has the solution to your garage floor covering problems. If you want to give your garage, be it private or a business shop garage,  a whole new look, staining could be the solution you are looking for. Concrete floors, especially stained floors have many advantages. Concrete Floors are very resilient for everyday use. The resist wear and tear incredibly well. They d…Read More

  4. Organizing Your Garage

    At Valiant Coatings and Contracting, we love it when our customers express an interest in investing in improving their garage. We feel that the garage is sometimes the most ignored and misused part of the home, and anytime we put in a new garage floor coating for one of our customers we are happy to know that their garage will be a productive and organized part of their home. So today we thought t…Read More

  5. Why Choose Epoxy Garage Floor Covering? 2/2

      In our last blog on garage floor coverings, we discussed how epoxy has a distinct advantage over cement in the areas of durability and versatility. We continue our list here. Protects from moisture. Another thing that can slowly break down the integrity of the cement is moisture. Epoxy floors seal out water and so prevent water damage. Aesthetics. Not only is an epoxy floor easy on the eyes, it…Read More

  6. Why Choose Epoxy Garage Floor Covering? 1/2

    An epoxy coating as a garage floor coating is a great way to improve your garage’s look and the durability of the floor surface. It’s a cost-effective way of transforming your workshop or home garage into a professional grade workspace. So whether you run a diesel mechanic shop or a home garage art studio an epoxy finish could likely be the right surface for you! We’ve put together a list of…Read More

  7. Quartz Broadcast Floors

    We are going to talk about different options of garage flooring ideas. This blog will concentrate on the basics of Quartz Broadcast Floors. This floor offers a beautiful, seamless, slip-resistant finish to go with a beautiful appearance.Quartz Flooring offers a hard, slip resistance surface what makes it perfect for garages and workshops, bathrooms and kitchen. Our floors are a double layer of Qua…Read More

  8. Colorado’s Garage Flooring Experts

    Hello World (or at least Colorado), This is the Valiant Coatings And Contracting Blog. Check this blog out as a place to get interesting and helpful information about our warehouse and garage floor coatings in Colorado. We will post garage flooring ideas and interesting options. We will certainly state our case and give you the important reasons to coat your warehouse or garage floor. Additionally…Read More